What is Innoware?

Innoware is much more than just a pricing solution. It brings together your price management, quotations, and analytics, into a single integrated platform. The underlying focus is to price smarter and grow profitability. That’s why we call it the Pricing Success Platform.

Pricing is a journey. Take the next step with Innoware.

Our Solutions

Price Manager

Want to simply manage your pricing rules? Then Price Manager is the solution for you.

Price Manager

Say goodbye to spreadsheets, and grow your profitability using advanced pricing methods.

Quote Manager

Want the Price Manager features PLUS create professionally designed quotes? Then this is the answer.

Quote Manager

Leave your manual processes behind. Improve your pricing accuracy and quickly create quotes.


Customised Pricing Software

We know each business is different, and sometimes off-the-shelf software does not give you all the features you need. 

See the whole platform

Find the right solution to meet your needs.

Read what our customers say about us

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"Innoware remain ahead of the curve in price management"

Dr Mark Bloomfield

Director of Revenue Management. This is Global Ltd.

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"We have seen a significant increase in achieved margins"

David Serif

Divisional Director. Whitecroft Lighting Ltd.

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Explore the next generation in pricing software

Pricing doesn't have to be difficult. Our software makes complex pricing easy and efficient from day one. And not only that, it has been proven to increase our customers profitability time and time again.

Innoware is much more than just a pricing solution. It focuses on plugging the gaps between managing your customer conversations in your CRM tool and processing the order in your core business system. A lot happens in this area, and we understand that it is much more than just setting prices and managing quotations.

Think of a platform that allows you to easily adopt advanced pricing methods, and react instantly to market forces, and from day one this having a positive effect on your bottom line.

Think of platform where you can quote professionally and increase deal sizes, because of cross-selling and up-selling guidance.

Think of a platform where you can reduce errors because the right combination of products are always selected automatically, and the latest pricing is instantly visible.

Think of a platform where you can drive better pricing decisions, with clear visibility of where you are losing margin because items are priced too low, or where you are losing revenue because items are priced too high.

For many years, CRM has had all the attention. But now it's pricing's turn. In an ever-increasing and competitive market place, staying one step ahead of your competitors is crucial. This is what our Pricing Solutions are all about. Smart, efficient, and easy to use, they safely and securely manage your data, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your business: pricing smarter and increasing profitability.

Built in the cloud, it's a software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing platform, offering several advantages over traditional pricing software. There are no expensive setup costs, no software maintenance and because it’s cloud-based, everybody has access to the most up-to-date and reliable data, anywhere, any time, from any device. That’s what makes Innoware the ideal solution for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

If you're ready to take your pricing online and start growing your business, take the next step, and contact us today.