Why go bespoke?

Bespoke software can take you where off-the-shelf cannot. It will, by definition, be a perfect match to your needs, and it can change and grow with you. 

Don't risk going to a generic bespoke software house, when you can turn to a pricing system specialist to meet your requirements. Innoware has completed multiple custom builds, across many sectors; and best of all, all development is completed on the same code base. This means you will still get access to the latest software and hardware upgrades.

We follow a proven six-step process


1. Requirements Gathering

The project starts by working with you to document your system vision and detail at a high level your requirements. This will then be used as the foundation for us to provide an estimate for the cost to build and implement your solution. Following the project approval, our consultants will work with you to take the requirements to the next level of detail to ensure all functional and technical considerations have been documented.

2. Wire-frames and User Experience

Our User Experience (UX) experts will then identify whether to meet your requirement an adaptation to existing functionality is needed and/or whether a brand new module will need to be built. Once this has been established, the team will consider how the users will interact with the system and sketch out the new or updated user interface, valitating various options to ensure we create the best user journey.

3. Design

To ensure you know up front exactly what you’re getting, we transform the sketches into completed designs before any coding begins. Every screen on every user level, and every system input and output is documented on a storyboard. We have learnt that this validation step ensures there are no surprises when we finish the build, and keeps the project on-schedule by eliminating the need for re-work near the end of the project.

4. Build

Once the design has been finalised and signed-off by yourself, the coding begins. Our Software Engineers are specialised in both Microsoft and Python based technologies to bring the designed screens to life.

5. Test

We complete regular testing throughout the build phase to ensure the solution is fit for purpose and meets your requirements. When we have validated internally that the solution is ready, we formally hand-over the system for your acceptance. We typically look to provide you with staged releases throughout the project to ensure there is continual dialogue and feedback.

6. Go-Live

We support you through the go-live period of rolling the system out to end users. We offer training sessions ahead of the product launch, and run soft launches with select user groups to validate the approach before proceeding with all the users.

Discuss your Requirement

Take the next step, and discuss your requirement with our sales team.