Price Management

Gain the power to use advanced pricing rules in your business in order to optimise the prices achieved for your goods or services.

With the ability to update and communicate mass pricing changes within minutes, you will become more productive, and be able to consistently manage the prices of your entire portfolio. Gone are the days of pricing in error prone spreadsheets. Gone are the days of using inflexible legacy systems. Gone are the days of leaving pricing updates for your least popular items to once a year due to lack of time.

What are the benefits?

Reduce pricing errors

Spreadsheets are flexible, but one incorrect formula can put your whole business at risk. Innoware software has in-built error checking to reduce pricing inaccuracies, and ensure your prices are never incorrectly too high or too low.

Be more agile

Free yourself from the constraints of spreadsheets and other error-prone practices that make it nearly impossible for you to make mass pricing changes quickly or allow multiple people to manage your pricing. Innoware software will cut the time you spend on the grind of managing your price lists, and allow you to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The power of advanced pricing methods

Cost plus pricing is easy to implement and ensures a reasonable margin. Unfortunately it is costing you money as it does not factor in psychology or the real value your product or service provides to your customer. Innoware software enables you to apply advanced pricing methods to maximize the prices you can achieve.

Handle multiple currencies and customer segments

Buying and selling in one currency can be difficult enough, but when you factor in multiple currencies the challenge of ensuring your margins are not impacted by exchange rates can be difficult. Innoware software allows you to effortlessly stay on top of your currency rules, and even apply different pricing strategies dependent on the customer or geography to further maximise the prices you can achieve.

React faster

Slow pricing processes mean you are constantly behind market fluctuations and competitor moves as it takes time to communicate price changes to sales staff and customers. This lost times can result in further margin leakage. Innoware software puts speed and agility into the pricing process, enabling you to instantly communicate changes in price.

Account for incentives and rebates

Sometimes in the heat of negotiation, discounts are given without a thought or understanding of what agreements are already in place. Innoware software gives you a fail safe mechanism that ensures you don't double discount.


Without the ability to keep a track of what price changes have been made and by whom, it will be impossible to access the success of an update. Innoware software gives you the audit trail you need. 


Innoware software is cloud based, so wherever you are in the world, an internet connection is all you need to manage your pricing operation. Operate in remote areas? Don't always have access to a reliable internet connection? The solution is also available as a native mobile application to ensure even when you're out in the field, your staff can have secure access to the latest pricing information.

Quote Management

Innoware software automatically calculates the correct pricing based on the rules engine, and has an in-built approval workflow for when further discounts are required to win the order. This ensures accurate quotes every time. The output is a professionally formatted PDF, with your logo and styling, which saves time and ensures consistency of sales documentation.

What are the benefits?

Increase quote turnaround

Customers don't expect to have to wait, and taking weeks to generate proposals or launch new products can cause you to loose deals. The Pricing Success system streamlines the quote creation and approval process.

Better product selection

Sometimes you can win or lose a sale by not selecting the right product. Innoware's guided selling allows you to quickly recommend alternative options to customers if they have budget or product concerns ensuring you don't immediately have to resort to discounting and can protect your margin and sales by instead selecting another option.

Improved customer experience

A fully branded, well structured quotation gives your customer a sense that you're professional. Ditch the spreadsheets and inconsistent quotes developed in Spreadsheet or Word Processor Tools.

Obtain visibility of demand and future orders

It's important that your business can meet the demand of won orders. That's why our solution comes with a management dashboard for you to monitor won and upcoming orders.

Product Configuration

Product line extensions, accessory bundles, service add-ons, third-party components and discounting offers, all add to form a complex sales process. This can cause products to be shipped without all the correct components, missed opportunities to up-sell at the right point during the sales cycle, and unhappy customers who have been provided with incorrect information about your product set. Directly integrated with your pricing rules, Innoware software streamlines the quotation process, and reduces errors.

What are the benefits?

Reduced costs

Reduce the cost of rework caused by inaccurate configuration & quotes, alongside providing a framework to store critical product knowledge that reduces the need for training for new and existing employees.

Time savings

Customers don't expect to have to wait, and taking days to generate proposals or launch new products can cause you to loose deals. CPQ functionality allows you to provide a faster quote turnaround.

Sales process improvements

Higher revenues through a better sales hit rate; and accurate pricing for better profitability.

Increased customer satisfaction

Guided buying and selling, simplifies complex product selection, and provides a clear understanding of your product lines and valid options available with each purchase.

Price Optimisation

Businesses that do not analyse their quotation procedure will never identify areas where they are unnecessarily losing margin - such as how one sales staff may be pricing a product differently in the same geographical area to another.

Innoware software is built to analyse your quotation procedure and find anomalies and pricing trends from a customer, product, and sales staff perspective. By looking at your internal process, you will be able to identify new areas to achieve a higher price for your product without affecting volume of sales.

What are the benefits?

Get to know your customers

Over discounting can be a silent killer, and usually stems from a lack of understanding of customer buying behaviour and willingness to pay. Innoware software gives you a powerful analytics engine to identify where margins are not be maximized due to over-discounting.

Price with confidence

Give your sales teams the tools to defend prices so that discounting is not the first lever that is pulled in the heat of a negotiation.

Return on Investment (ROI)

Don't waste time collecting data, and manually completing reviews through-out the year. A central platform that enables you to fund opportunities to price better from day one.