Price Monitor Features: What's Included?

Dashboard - Pricing Insights

The dashboard provides a strategic view of the collected data set, highlighting the trends in pricing across the sites being monitored, as well as highlighting specific opportunities to raise or lower prices.

Dashboard - Brand Analysis

A brand is more than a name - it is the sum total of a consumer's experiences with a recognizable product - and it is powerful. Pricing decisions can be influenced by the power of a brand, just as much as price itself dictating how a brand is received. The Brand Analysis dashboard allows you to monitor at a strategic level, pricing across the top brands.

Pricing Opportunities

The product catalogue provides a graphical view of the opportunities to increase or decrease price. The catalogue pulls through the product image, description, and price, and flags to the user the key areas for improvement.

SKU Analysis

At the product level, price monitor provides you with a price rank as well as key product information and link back to the original website location. The trend analysis is extremely useful as it records how the pricing level has changed over time across all the sites.

Offline Prices

There are times where only offline competitor prices are available. These may have been collected by sales staff, market research firms or distributed trade price lists. A centralised analytics engine allows you to stay on top of the data.

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