Whitecroft Lighting Ltd

We have seen a significant increase in achieved margins

"Due to significant improvements in product, service and delivery performance, Whitecroft Lighting has enjoyed year on year sales growth but struggled to improve gross margins over the same period. The main reason for this was our cost plus pricing culture due to our reliance on manually produced pricing documents that could not cope with the quantity and variety of over 6,000 standard parts and an infinite number of variations available to our customers. Following a discussion with Innoware, I was delighted to find a company who understood our issues and had developed pricing tools to help similar companies. We engaged with Innoware to develop a new Web based Dynamic Pricing System, to allow us to create a set of pricing rules that automatically generates the appropriate price for all standard and variant products, and deliver them instantly to the field sales and internal commercial teams via Mobile and desktop Applications."

"DPS has now been in operation for over 12 months, and during this time we have seen a significant increase in achieved margins due to disconnecting product price with its cost, and our ability to alter selling prices to reflect market conditions."

"Since the successful implementation of the system we are currently developing a number of add on features that will enhance the system and deliver further improvements in the quality and speed of service to our customers."

David Serif

Divisional Director

Textile Technologies Europe Ltd

Taken all the headache away from managing complex formulas

"Price Manager has taken all the headache away from learning excel and managing complex formulas. The software generates pricing data customised to our requirements which we can then csv in to our accounts software by simple csv upload."

Eddy Ashworth